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Did You Know?

Stained Glass hairWe all have our daily hair care routine, but it’s important to keep it fresh-just like we change up our wardrobe with the new season’s trends. We wanted to create something special for each of your hair care desires. It’s called a Regimedy because it’s a remedy for your daily regime.

REFRESH your look: discover the difference hair colour can make! Explore our colour techniques and let our stylists share their great ideas for beautiful colour. Visit our make-up artist for great tips to compliment your hair colour and to see this season's newest trends in make-up.

Ok sounds great, right? But what products really work? These tips are directly from the Salon Eskada stylist experts, so you can hear it straight from them. What’s their Regimedy? Here are the products they are using to achieve this year's hottest styles. And the good news is that although these are salon-class products, they are available for everyone. The looks are totally achievable once you know what to use and when.

I.C.O.N. India Line


“The entire line is a must have. Made from the most superior ingredients, ‘liquid gold’, and ‘miracle oil’, which are known for their amazing healing and replenishing qualities. The oil is scented with amber and clove. Speed up blow dry time, smooth and add shine. The shampoo and conditioner both contain the oil. The conditioner is amplified with the soothing benefits of sea kelp. Rest assured even if a heat wave spikes hair-yurvedics will keep you calm and balanced with the India line.”

- Rio

Davines Alchemic System


“Use this system daily or once a week to maintain the beautiful shade of blonde that you received at your visit to the salon. Resist fading from the sun and elements and keep your blonde bright!”


I.C.O.N CURE spray-in, leave-in conditioner

#3. I.C.O.N CURE spray-in, leave-in conditioner:

“In the summer your hair is affected by the sun elements & chlorine leaving it in need of CURE. It’s a daily anti aging spray-in, leave-in treatment that will replenish your hair with the perfect balance of moisture and strength. It will also leave your hair tangle free. Plus feel good knowing a portion of proceeds will be helping to find the “cure for cancer”. P.S. don’t be shy to use it on the body as well... It’s amazing



#4. MESH

“A gel/cream that’s perfect for that luscious, beachy, wave look. At the same time you will be treating your hair to the right balance of moisture and protein. Butters and oils make your curls respond and look hydrated without any stickiness or crunch. Everybody wants to have and touch!”

- Paul



“Powder is a powder-to-liquid cream texturizer. Create powerful, sexy, and transformative looks. Achieve and maintain fullness and body at the root. Sprinkle on dry hair and rub with finger tips to create volume and grip without weight. Instant back-combing!”

- Craig



“Multi-task and treat your hair to some TLC while you shower. Transformational Infusion is a miracle mask that transforms your hair in 1 minute! Use it daily, weekly, or monthly to hydrate, add body, improve elasticity, and give dimensional shine. Acai will improve the condition of each strand and mask away the signs of aging!”

- Alli

I.C.O.N. Curl Cream

pictured is I.C.O.N's India. 24 K masque


It has been said that ‘Curls just want to have Fun’.What about their close personal friend ‘waves’? Now both can have fun! CURL CREAM an enhancer to define curls and reposition waves to give hair and exotically rich attitude. A texture changing product that enriches hair's structure, repairs hidden and visible damage, and allows the wearer to form curls and define waves without crispness. It joins the INDIA hair-yurvedics line that includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil, Healing Spray and 24 K conditioning masque.

Davines Ask your stylist about our new ammonia free Line
"A New Colour"



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